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081214650059 Jual mesin Coredrill Murah

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081214650059 Jual mesin Coredrill Murah

Core Drilling Test Set

For cutting core samples from asphalt, concrete and other materials on the road, run ways and structures.
-RI-401 Core Drilling Machine
Cast aluminum frame, 6.75 HP gasoline engine, 4 cycle vertical drilling position: rubber caster, up to 4 dia. bit 1 Set
-RI-407 Sample Tong 4 dia. 1 Pc
-RI-408 Galvanized steel Breaking Strips 1 Pc
-RI-409-42 mm and 32 mm Spanner Steel 2 Pcs

- Prices listed do not include core drill bits.

- Available Diamond Core Bit ex hoffman USA (Diamond Product),
OD: 4 ", 4 1/4", 6 "and other sizes.