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Phone : 081274087466 | Jual Total Station Topcon GM 55 | Harga Nego

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Phone : 081274087466 | Jual Total Station Topcon GM 55 | Harga Nego

Features :

These total stations provide an ideal entry-level solution while still offering a wealth of features! Ultra-powerful, advanced EDM technology allows for measurements up to 500m in non-prism mode and up to 4,000m with a prism. The total station delivers measurements cable-free to your data collector. Each total station features a 50,000-point internal memory, a coaxial red laser pointer, a beam width of 13mm at 30m, and an alphanumeric keyboard. The rugged, waterproof housing has an IP66 rating.


EDM Range: Reflectorless, 500m; Prism, 4,000m.

Internal Memory: 50,000 points.

Accuracy : 5 detik

Display : Single (1 face)

Laser Plummet: Yes.

Tilt Angle Compensation: Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor.

Communications: Bluetooth, Serial RS-232C, and USB Host 2.0.

Display: GLCD 192 x 80 pix.

Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C).

Battery: 7.4V Li-ion.

Operating Time: Eco Mode, 14 hours; Normal Mode, 10 hours.


Complete With :

* 2 Buah Alumunium Tripod

* 1 Buah Range Pole

* 1 Buah Single Prisma

* 1 Buah Prisma Polygon

* 1 Buah SanDisk USB 8 GB + Topcon Link


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